Saturday, May 30, 2015

Our Last Week!

The mission is now finished and the camp is getting ready for guests to arrive. During the last week we completed many tasks that were on the list. At the end we had completed everything that was on the list to complete.

The lower level of the dining hall has a humidity problem, so we installed dehumidifiers and connected them to hoses so they will drain outside. Don made small tables to mount the units on so they would continue to operate and no one would need to empty the containers.

The entrance to the Leadership Lodge was in bad repair and each day I wondered if someone would fall through the old platform at the door. The old platform was removed and a new deck was built and put in place. This not only improves the appearance of the building,but makes it much safer as well.
The cabins in the "Grove" area will be needed this summer, so one of the tasks was to clean and check each cabin to insure it was ready for guests. The windows were washed, curtains washed, mattresses were sanitized and the building was completely cleaned. Preparing for guests is a large task for the camp each year.
The plumbing in the bath house at the groves was repaired and the facility was completely cleaned. The entire building was power washed and then wiped down. The campers should appreciate this when they need to shower after a day of activities.
 A leak in the drain line under the kitchen was discovered and the Don helped remove the old cast iron pipes and make repairs to the facility.

The last day we were on site, a special lunch was prepared for the group.It was Eunis first chance to prepare a meal in the kitchen after the cleaning and renovation work. We appreciated the wonderful meal and the fellowship with the staff of the facility.
The "Thank You" goes both NOMADS we must thank the camp for accommodating us and allowing us to have the privilege of working and staying in such a wonderful place.

Our Thanks to Grant and his family for accommodating use. I am sure the hours he will spend with his family for the next few months will be limited.

Linda and I were the first to arrive and the last to leave. As we traveled home out thought were about how many children would enjoy the camp and have a life changing experience at the camp. At the same time we were wondering where our next mission will take us! It was great to work at the camp, but is is also great to be home.

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