Monday, May 11, 2015

Back To Work!

The team all arrived safely this weekend and we are working with people we have  not been on a project with before. One of the couples is on their first mission project, so we are doing all we can to make life a little more enjoyable for them. I has rained all weekend and throughout today. The campsite is more like a mud bog than a campsite! For Mother's Day we attended Pine Village United Methodist Church and followed the service with lunch at the Windy Mill Cafe on main street in Pine Village....nothing fancy but good food!

Our plan was to finish cleaning the pool and start filling it, but things changed with the heavy rainstorms that rolled through. Instead we all convened in the dining hall and began work there. Everything was removed from the kitchen area and the cleaning started. The health department required a 3 basin sink in the kitchen area, but there was a two basin sink so out came the old sink and assembly of the new sink began. Many other small projects were started during the day.

I will  start posting pictures tomorrow, and yes hopefully it will be nicer weather and there will not be rain!

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