Monday, June 6, 2016

Our Mission Project for June, 2016

Our first NOMADS mission for the year is a project at Pine Lake United Methodist Camp near Westfield, WI. The camp was established in 1948 and has been in operation since that time. During our stay we will be working on various repair and improvement projects that will enable the camp to provide an improved atmosphere for the young campers. The camp not only offers programs for children, but has several camping opportunities as well.

The team consists of 8 members. The team members are from the states of Connecticut, Indiana, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. Linda and I have been designated as the team leader for the project. On Sunday we all worshiped at the Faith United Methodist Church in Westfield.

Linda and I were the first to arrive so that we could be sure everything was functioning and the sites were ready for the other team members. The camp sites are not designed for the size of rigs that are common today, but we were able to get everyone in place. The camp does offer electrical service and water connections for the campers, however the sewage is another challenge.

My first task was to cut the grass in the camping area. It had not been cut in some time, and I wanted the sites to look nice when the guests arrived. Following the grass cutting, I inventoried the picnic tables so we could build the additional tables that were needed and repair the ones that needed to be repaired. I also had to locate all of the water connections so we could install posts to identify the locations of the connections. Soon after I completed these tasks the other team members arrived.

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