Sunday, May 24, 2015

Our Last Sunday

This will be the last Sunday our team will be on the Pine Creek Project. Normally we worship at the Pine Village UMC, but we had been invited to attend services at the Oxford UMC (a neighboring town) so the team elected to attend the worship at Oxford. The service was interesting and it worked out that we were able to get a table at the restaurant in Pine Village because the service was later so all the other people had eaten and left the restaurant.

 The team consisted of three couples. There were to be five couples, but two cancelled for various reasons. The team members (from left to right) included Bruce and Beck Peterson (Indiana), Don and Lavonne Carlson (Wisconsin) and Lindell and Linda Whitelock (Wisconsin). Linda and Lindell were the team leaders and coordinators for the project.

The campsite is so much improved over the last two years that words can not describe the changes. The grass is cut, leaves cleaned, restrooms and showers functioning, and a very low mosquito population. This is due to the efforts of the camp manager (Grant Crumbaugh) and two volunteers that do a lot of work on the campsite. They are Don and Marilyn McFatridge. Thanks to all for a wonderful experience.

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