Friday, May 15, 2015

First Week at Pine Creek Finished

The first week at Pine Creek is finished and the team has made some accomplishments. There is so much to getting a camp ready for the youth, but we work hard and have a lot of fun along the way.
 Pine Creek is a relatively short distance from Janesville, we were only on the road about 4 hours before arriving at the camp. It was a nice day and we had a smooth trip southeast.  Once we arrived, we started to work on the pool.
Not only was the pool filled with stagnant water and winter debris, the deck area of the pool had to be cleaned as well. The pine needles and pine cones were cleaned away from the pool and the process of starting to pump out the stagnant water began. It took three days to pump the pool then another day to scoop up the leaves and debris before filling the pool. The pool is filling now and and should be filled in three days.

Soon this pool will be filled with smiling childrens faces and not the muck and stagnant water we had to remove.

The kitchen area was also a major project for the first week. Everything was removed from the cabinets, a thorough cleaning and inventory was conducted. The ladies did a great job or cleaning and preparing the kitchen for the upcoming camp season. The Health Department has insisted the 2 basin sink be replaced with a 3 basin sink, so that was accomplished this week as well.

Several small projects such as leveling the steps on some of the cabins, building some recreational equipment, and other small tasks were completed so the work has progressed as well.

The camp does not have golf carts, but has invested in a Gator. It sure makes getting around the 300 acres site, picking up supplies and chasing parts much easier and quicker than in the past. No I have not had the opportunity (or desire) to go "four wheeling" or "mud buggying" with it

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