Monday, July 21, 2014

Work Contines

The second week of the project at Monona United Methodist Church continues. The group is painting the interior of the church and had a good week the first week. Even thought the team only consists of 6 people, the classrooms in the upper level have been painted and now the large area in the upstairs is being prepared as is the Fellowship Hall.

The first step in the process was to move the all of the furniture either out of the room or to the center of the room so the room could be prepared for painting. This included removing fixtures from the walls as well 

All of the bulletin boards and chalk boards had to be covered as well to protect them from stray paint.  All of this work takes time. 

Taping to protect the woodwork and trim was the next step in the process. Just remember this process had to be completed in every room that was painted. The goal was to complete 3 rooms per day the first week and then to move to the fellowship hall the next wee. 

The paint was stirred and then the process of painting started. The rooms were originally an off white, and the new color that was selected was almond. 

The paint was applied, however at the end of the first day we were disappointed, thinking that one coat of paint would do the trick, but a second coat had to be applied to make the paint look smooth. 

To meet our goal of getting the rooms finished, the work had to be reassigned so the task could be accomplished on time. The weather was somewhat cooler than normal and since the classrooms were in the upstairs of the church and there was no air conditioning, we worked to get that floor completed before the heat and humidity of Wisconsin arrived!

Every project has a unique situation. On this project, we ate well...each day a member of the congregation brought us lunch. We had wonderful meals and a time for some fellowship. 

On Friday Night the LEO club (Let's Eat Out) decided we needed a treat, so we enjoyed a traditional Friday Night Fish Fry at Tulle's in Monona. Everyone enjoyed the meal and we were ready for another week. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another Mission Trip

Linda and I are on another NOMADS mission trip, but this time we have not made a long and tiring journey before the project begins. We are camping at a small RV park near Stoughton (Badger Land RV Park). The original plan was for us to camp on the church parking lot, but that plan fell through at the last minute. Our project is to conduct some of the maintenance and updating work that needed to be completed on the Monona United Methodist Church. We are joined by two other couples (David and Ruth Robertson, Texas; Tom and Evelyn Clements, South Carolina).

Upon our arrival we attended Worship Service on Sunday and learned the church had just had a new pastor assigned to the church and we were able to hear his first sermon in his new charge. Following the sermon, we all attended a good Methodist Pot Luck Dinner!

Monday Morning will be the start of another exciting venture!