Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rock Cut State Park -- A close Call

After trying our new trailer we decided to make a trip to Rock Cut State Park. Reservations were made, we packed up and even invited my nephew and his family to come our and have dinner with us. It was a pleasant experience, the park was nice, the staff exceptionally helpful and we were enjoying our selves until just after lunch the second day. A Class A motorhome on the next site caught fire and we had to leave...everything was left behind.

The heat was so intense we had to leave the area, but our trailer did not burn, but it did suffer significant heat damage and smoke damage. Now the fun of working with the insurance companies will make life interesting.

New Equipment

We finally took the plunge and updated our travel equipment. On June 27 we took delivery of a new Chevrolet Silverado that had a much greater towing capacity than our GMC had. On June 30 we took delivery of our new travel trailer. The new travel trailer is much larger thatn our Viewfinder and we are going to enjoy the extra space! We plan on loading the trailer and heading to Ottawa Lake Campground on June 30 to break it in! Linda's son and grandson will be there so we should all enjoy life!

We are ready for the road!