Sunday, May 17, 2015

Update on Pine Creek Camp Project

The weekend was very rainy, so much so we thought about trying to contact Noah to see if we should start pairing up the animals for the ark!

The pool was last week and was filled with water this weekend. It should be filtered and treated this week so it will be ready for the campers.

The final step of cleaning the pool was to power wash the liner to remove the last of the debris and grit from the surface. Once the power washing was done, the filling began.

Finishing touches on cleaning the kitchen and painting the areas that had been missed with the previous painting were finished. Now the task of putting everything back in place is next on the list.

One of the projects was to build some "A" frames to be used in team building activities for the campers this summer. The frames will be tied to ropes and then the person standing on the beam will need to maintain balance as the frame moves about.

Before we finished the week, one of the team members had a birthday, so we celebrated her birthday. Fellowship and building relationships is a very important part of NOMADS.

Over the weekend, we made an excursion to Fair Oaks Farms were we toured the swine and dairy facility. Following the tour, we enjoyed a cheese sandwich lunch at the gift shop.

The entire team enjoyed the day very much and recharged their batteries so they can start with the next weeks activities.

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