Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Is Over, Back to Work

The weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) provided us with a time to do our weekly chores and to have some time to relax. Our weekend involved shopping, housecleaning and the usual housekeeping chores. We did make a visit to a Matinee  Park to observe the large creatures, a walk through a nature preserve.

Tice United Methodist Church had some events this weekend the NOMADS participated in. A walk for hunger to raise money for the food bank was one of the activities. Sheri & Charlie walked for the NOMADS and we all sponsored their walk. The walk raised $5000 for the food bank. The church also had a Meatloaf dinner on Saturday evening to raise money to pay the insurance on the church and again people were generous and the event raised over $2700. This is a small church but it no doubt one of the most friendly churches we have ever attended. The church is certainly spirit filled.

After the service on Sunday, Linda and commented how we are going to miss attending this church.

This week we will be focusing on finishing the projects we have started and everyone will be off to another project someplace.

Monday night will be Wisconsin Night at the campsite. We are hosting all of the NOMADS for Brats and Cheese!

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