Sunday, January 13, 2013

Babcock Ranch

Although we are on a mission assignment, we do try to do some tourist activities. We toured the Babcock Ranch. The ranch is a very large spread (12 miles wide and 14 miles long) that was established in 1914 by the Babcock family. They were lumber barons and acquired the land because of its vast amount of cypress lumber  As the timber was cleared, a cattle ranch was started. The ranch is still a working ranch that has one of the few herds of "Cracker" cattle. This breed was introduced in the 1500's and the quality of beef is not too good, but the animals did well on the sparse vegetation. The ranch offers tours that will allow you to see the wildlife that is native to Florida in their natural surroundings.
Once we arrived at the ranch we boarded "swamp buggies" for the ride. The buggies are old school buses that are opened so you can see the animals first hand.
Following the tour we had lunch on the ranch. The featured food...Gator Bites. These are small pieces of gator that are deep fried.

The day was an enjoyable day for all.

Say this is Linda-do u like this little critter? I think he was lost and looking for his mommy-no doubt he may end up as "gator bites" in the ranch's restaurant  BTW , I've been told, there are 2 gators in the river behind our camper-but they said they are trying to catch them.  Lots of birds especially in the early morning-I hear the morning dove.  Greta is determined to catch a sassy squirrel.   Lots of any extra time I have is walking Greta-she thinks she owns the campground.  I have managed to get in the pool a couple of times.  We are off to church this morning-

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