Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two Weeks Since We Left Wisconsin

On New Years Day we left Wisconsin on our trek to Florida. It does not seem like that long ago and we are certainly enjoying the weather in Florida. The work is not bad either! I remember how cold it was getting hitched to tre trailer and then traveling on the road with all of the snow and ice on top. We did not loose the last of our Wisconsin reminder until we arrived in Valdosta, GA. Yes two days later when we had lunch south of Atlanta we still had snow on the top of the trailer. Hopefully it will be a little nicer in Wisconsin when we return. 

Each morning we have a devotion time for the group. Each team member is expected to prepare a devotional program for the group. On Monday the entire ECHO staff is assembled for a devotional program. These programs are really inspiring. This week we had a presentation by a minister about the Biblical character Ehub (Judges 3). The programs always leave you thinking about how God's people have always turned away from him, but he'd send someone to care for them. 

As for the work, the tables and renovation of the nursery area is complete and I have moved on to remodeling one of the offices. The work included a lot of heavy lifting and construction, so at the end of each day I was exhausted, especially since the temperatures were in the 80's each day and I was working in the sun.

Removing the old structures was not much of a challenge, most of the material was so rotten it just fell apart, but it had to be hauled out so the new items could be placed in the nursery area.

The finished product, 4 tables strategically placed in the nursery area. After the tables were placed, then irrigation pipes were installed so the plants can be automatically watered periodically.

The good news is that Linda has moved up the ladder and is on her way to being a skilled successful painter!

Yesterday Linda was the clean up crew of one for the painters and was riding the back seat of the chariot! I am sure her mother was looking down and laughing and probably saying to herself "Keep scrubbing Princess! But fame and fortune came to the Princess today!

Today Linda moved up to "Painter". She was actually given a paint brush and paint! AND

She was promoted to Chariot driver for the team! Yes, NOMADS is a lot of work, but is also a lot of fun. This has been a wonderful experience and we are already looking to our next assignment, and that will probably come in May!

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