Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 1: We left cold snowy Wisconsin and headed south. The roads were dry and there was very little traffic. The day was uneventful and we did manage to get as far south as Salem, Illinois before we stopped for the night. The weather was cold and there snow cover all the way. Greta (our newest addition) rode quite well but was very confused. She did enjoy the night in the hotel though.

January 2: After leaving Wisconsin where the temperature was 5 when we left, to awaken to a morning temperature of 17 seemed to be much warmer. After fueling we traveled to Metropolis, IL where we made a stop to visit my parents. After we all had lunch together, it was time to be on the road again. As we crossed the Ohio River, finally we saw fields without snow cover. The travels went well and we made it to Murfreesboro, TN before stopping for the night. We were not able to stay in the camper as we had planned because the nightly temperature was to be in the low 20's and that would cause freezing problems in the waterlines. Hopefully tomorrow we will be in south Georgia and we will be able to spend the night in the trailer. I will post some pictures this weekend once we get to Sunny Florida!

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