Friday, January 18, 2013

Week Two Finished!

Progress is being made on the projects that NOMADS have been assigned at ECHO. As our work week ended the Seed Bank that exists at ECHO was explained.

The seed bank multiplies seeds that are unique and could be used in developing countries. The seed bank harvests the seeds, cleans the seeds, and makes the seeds available to people who are working in developing countries. Seed packets are distributed either without cost or for a very nominal cost. The recipients are asked in return to provide feed back based on their use, germination, yield and other relevant information about the performance of the seeds.

At the end of the week Linda and I joined the LEO club (Let's Eat Out).

 Linda's Brother, Frank Fischer visited us on Thursday Night. Since his birthday, Linda's birthday and my birthday are all in a very close window, we decided to visit Pincher's Crab Shack for dinner. As you can see Linda is enjoying a meal of snow crab. The dinner was enjoyed by all, just one of the small rewards we issued to ourselves for the work we are doing.

The last week of our assignment is drawing near. This will mean we must push to complete some of the projects that have been scheduled and prepare to make the trek back to Wisconsin.

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