Saturday, January 5, 2013

We Arrived! After 4 days on the road, we arrived at Seminole RV Park near North Fort Myers. It was certainly a relief to get to our site and unhook and relax. The first thing I did was to say a little prayer of thanks for the safe trip down. We had no incidents or close calls what so ever. We were met by Bill and Meredith Tarbell, the team leader for this project. Best of all we were welcomed with a loaf of banana nut bred that had been freshly baked! 

The weather has been fabulous  Temperatures at night have been in the 60's (great sleeping weather) and the day time temperatures have been in the high 70's to low 80's. This is certainly a welcome relief after the last week in Wisconsin! 

Linda and I have met all of the team members and everyone has a commitment to doing Mission work. Three of the couples live and work projects full time. They are fully retied and have sold their homes to live in RV's and do the work of NOMADS. I am sure they will be an inspiration for Linda and I.

Tomorrow we will worship at Tice United Methodist Church in North Fort Myers and have lunch afterwards. Monday we will begin work. 

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