Friday, January 3, 2014

We Arrived!

Finally we arrived in Rockledge in a rainstorm! As we traveled south from Chattanooga our eye was on the sky and on the temperature! The outside temperature was climbing and even before we arrived in Atlanta the air conditioning on the truck was working, but the clouds were building. By the time we reached our campsite in Perry, Georgia, the rain was falling heavily! The rain continued through the night and the next day, but just as we arrived at our final destination the rain stopped.

The bargaining chip in getting Linda to commit to leaving Wisconsin early was the dream of setting by the swimming pool and enjoying a dip in the warm water before we started to work on the project. The reality was the only free day we had before going to the worksite the skies were cloudy and the high temperature for the day was 50! Hopefully it will get better.

New Year's Day Linda had the opportunity to visit two of the colleagues she worked with in Honduras. She had a very good visit, and it was worth the challenge of dragging the RV through some very narrow roads in the Georgia mountains.

Tomorrow we will meet the rest of the team and start looking at the job assignments. Helping others is certainly an important part of the work of NOMADS, but for Linda and I visiting new churches, the opportunity to experience spiritual growth, and developing new friendships makes all of the hardships of traveling worth the challenge.

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