Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve in Chattanooga

With the forecast for inclimate weather on the horizon, we decided to leave early. Monday morning in very cold weather, I managed to get the trailer hitched to the truck and we were off. Even though we did get a late start in the morning, we were able to reach Clarksville, In the first evening. Clarksville is just across the Ohio River from Louisville. We had a nice dinner and a warm hotel room for the first night.

The second day of our travels was shorter than usual, but we managed to reach Chattanooga. Upon arrival the temperature was 50 and the forecast was for night time temperatures to be in the 30's so we decided to stay in the RV. We found a nice park and parked the unit. The only problem was that when we started to open the RV the main slide did not extend, so we spent most of the afternoon waiting on a service technician to correct the problem. Once the unit was set up and opened out, we found that it must have been cold in the RV. Our water, Linda's eye drops, the liquid soap, and the bananas were  all frozen. It was good the Cracker Barrel was close by so we could at least eat!

When we arrived there was still snow on the top of our RV and several people asked if they could climb up and get some....Most lived in places where they had not observed snow for many years and they had the desire to just make a snowball and throw it at someone.

While waiting for the repairman, the couple in the neighboring RV saw our NOMADS signs and asked about it. We described the organization, and we certainly could see we had generated some interest! We had some very interesting discussions that afternoon.

It was a quite New Years Eve for us! We watched some old TV shows, watched the dog sleep and wished each other a Happy New Year!

We will continue our journey south tomorrow, it will be a short drive since we are going to visit some of Linda's old colleagues that now live near Atlanta.

Best Wishes to everyone for a Wonderful 2014!

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