Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Projects

The Youth Room is nearing completion and the painting is in progress, so my work turned to other projects. The projects included repairing the drains on the church kitchen sinks, trying to fix a set of faucets for one of the sinks in the kitchen, insulating the ceiling near the windows in the office. Today I should be working on small projects at the Parsonage.

The story of the faucets is a very interesting story. To repair the faucets, new stems were needed since the old ones were stripped and would not stop turning. I took the entire faucet assembly and started to one plumbing supply store. They looked at the markings and determined the faucet was made by Chicago Brass so it should not be a problem, but after searching his inventory, no luck, so he sent me to another supplier, same story, no parts, and this process was repeated two more times before someone scrapped a little deeper on the assembly and discovered "China" so now we had to assume the CHB marking (which is the trademark for Chicago Brass) actually was China Brass. So after an afternoon of chasing parts, the only solution was to put the old assembly back on the pipes and tell the Trustees they would need to get an entire new assembly.

The day was finally beautiful, so at the end of the work day, Linda, Greta and I headed out to a wildlife area for a long walk. Several people were fishing and having some luck. Made me wish I had spent the afternoon fishing instead of chasing parts.

This was Martin Luther King's Birthday and there was a parade in town, the church office was closed, but we worked.

After another frustrating day of trying to use the WiFi the church is suppose to be providing, Linda and I gave up and made a trip to McDonalds for a milk shake and internet service!

Weather is to cool down, just hope it is not too cool to camp on the way home!

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