Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 2

Another week has started and the team continues to work on projects at the Rockledge United Methodist Church. The projects include remodeling the office area so the Youth Minister has an office, cleaning the church kitchen, cleaning and painting a room that is to be used by the Boy Scouts for their regular meetings, and doing some landscaping. The weather has been great, a little cooler but dry. Rains are to start again soon. We have been told there is a good fishing area close to the church, but time has not permitted us to go fishing yet.

The team always begins the week with Worship on Sunday Morning followed by brunch together. The team consists of Bob & Carol Hahn (Florida); Lindell & Linda Whitelock (Wisconsin), Jim and Chic Bixler (Indiana) and Jay and Jan Weinheimer (Oklahoma). In addition to the weekly worship service, each morning time is set aside for Bible Study and Devotions. Fellowship and Spiritual Growth are important parts of being NOMADS.

The church consists of several  buildings on a large track of land. The area is large enough we can park our RV's on the property and still have some "roaming space". The  Church was built and the community has grown around the church. The church is not only a place of worship, but does host several community activities as well.

One of the projects has been to improve the landscaping and do some "spring cleaning" on the property. Linda and Jan are shown here working on the flower bed that surrounds the main church sign. I am sure they are enjoying the Florida Sunshine! Other projects that are in progress include cleaning the church kitchen, remodeling the youth area, painting some of the rooms in the education building, making curtains for some of the rooms. There are several projects to complete yet!

Linda did finally get to the beach, but not to swim. The water at Coca Beach was very cold and the weather has been too cool to swim! I know this is a disappointment to her, but it is much better than the snow and cold that our friends and family in Wisconsin are enduring. Hopefully we will get to do a little fishing one evening this week and we will be able to tell some fish stories in the next posting.

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