Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Community Service Projects

This week has been an interesting week and I have had the opportunity to work with several different people in the community. The people I have worked for have ranged from single mothers to elderly people who have needed a little job around their home done. Some of the team have been doing interior painting, but I have been on several jobs that can be done by one person. My first project was to make a materials list for an elderly gentleman who needed doors in his home repaired. This included the replacement of the doors, repair of locks where someone had tried to break into his home, and  the repair of a pump house. I gave him the list and the team that will be here next week will be able to complete the task. The next project was to replace a light fixture at an elderly lady's home. While there she also asked me to repair her electric range (she had the parts) and I learned it is best to turn off the electricity to the appliance before working on it! On to the next project of changing some electrical receptacles in another home and to change the filter in a vent fan over the cooking stove. That was followed by a visit to a single mother who has been unemployed for quite some time. The repairs involved some exterior repair in the cement walls and to replace some of the tile in the bathroom that was loose. Tomorrow I have to install baseboards in a house and that will be my last project.

All of the visits left me with a wonderful feeling, not that I could just do the job, but that I had really done something that brightened someone's day.

Thursday evening Linda and I will start packing for our trip north. We plan on staying in a RV park in Perry, Georgia on Friday night, a RV park in Paducah, Kentucky on Saturday night, and then on Sunday make the final leg of our trip permitting. Oh the temptation to stay in Florida is great given the weather reports we are seeing from Wisconsin!

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