Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 2 Finished

The second week of work has been completed. Progress is being made and the camp will soon be ready for the campers to arrive. The weather has been favorable, but as we move to the third week rain is in the forecast, so our bodies may be dampened, but our spirits will be high.

Several activities have been completed or are nearing completion, while other activities continue.
 Repairing the plumbing in the bathhouses and other facilities has been a major activity for the project. Every facility had leaks and had many repairs that had to be made. Several electrical repairs had to be made as well.

 This is the "Queen of Clean" team. They have been working hard to insure all of the cabins and bath houses are spotless for the arriving campers. The facility has not been used for several months so you can appreciate how much cleaning was necessary to get the camp ready.

 The team completed the construction of a foot bridge over a creek. An earlier construction team had built a nice bridge, but there was no way to exit the bridge after crossing, so a set of stairs and platform was constructed to complete the project.

 There was an open pit on the camp where water was drained from the swimming pool. A cover was constructed and placed over the pit. This was done to prevent wildlife from accidentally fallint into the pit or for a wandering camper to fall in.
 The steps to the new worship center were improved. More steps were added so the rise on each step would not be so great.

 The appliances were all serviced and the kitchen was made ready so food could be prepared for the soul of young campers. WOW there is a lot to do to get a camp ready!

The group made an excursion to Fair Oaks Dairy Farm during the weekend. Fair Oaks is the largest dairy farm in the United States, and following a tour of the farm, the group observed a calf being born and then enjoyed cheese sandwiches and ice cream following the tour. 

 When the weekend was finished and we started back to work, the pool was just about ready for use. Final cleaning and filtering of the water was the last step in getting the pool ready for the campers.

It was with sadness we had to bid farewell to Ramon and Pat Carlson. Pat's sister passed away and they had to leave to attend the funeral. Our prayers are with the family during this time.

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