Sunday, May 19, 2013

The First Week at Camp!

The first week at camp was a busy one. The job of getting the campsite ready for campers has been a large task and has involved a large variety of skills and activities. During this week the landscape group continued to "beautify" the grounds by cleaning flower beds installing landscape rock, and new plants. Linda and Caroline did manage to find a few snakes, but it did not keep them from doing their job.

My first job was to grade all of the roads and trails on the campsite. The winter and the rains this spring had made many of the areas almost impossible to travel, so with the help of the tractor loader and rear blade I was able to smooth them out.
 Another major project for the week was to get the swimming pool ready to be filled. This required a cleaning, some repair work and installation of a new pump. It required the chemicals to be moved and safely stored.
Another team was busy checking all of the bathhouses to insure the showers and all of the water worked. This has been a large task, but an important task. The team also cleaned all of the bathhouses and made the necessary repairs. Since the camp in in a wooded area, animals damage the buildings every winter and that requires a large amount of maintenance. 

Once the fire pits were cleaned, it was necessary to restock each of the areas with wood so the campers could enjoy campfires while they were camping. 

One of the improvement projects was the construction of a cover for an open pit on the camp. The pit cover will eliminate one of the safety hazards at the camp site. 

At the end of the day we all return to our home away from home. Always tired but feeling the day has been a rewarding day. The campsite is a welcome site at the end of the day!

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