Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pine Creek Camp, Pine Village, In

Welcome to Pine Creek Camp. Earlier I posted a description of the camp and today I will post some photos of the grounds and the facilities. The campground is located approximately 10 miles northeast of Attica, In or approximately 3 miles south of Pine Village, In. The camp is situated on slightly more than 300 acres and has an abundance of woodlands, creeks, wild life, and misquotes!

As you leave the public road, guests are greeted by a pleasant view of the welcome sign and magnificent white fences.  Upon arrival all guests must check in at the main office.

The building where guests are greeted appears to be a large building  and that is because it is also a horse arena. The facility is not only used by Pine Creek Camp, but is also used by the Purdue  Jumping and Horsemanship Team for training.

Immediately behind the arena is a stall barn with 25 stalls for horses. Horses used by the camp in the summer are housed here, however in the off season, some of the space is rented out to various parties  for housing their horses.

Fence lined paddocks allow the horses an exercise area, however the paddocks double for hay production for the camp horses.

Once you pass the horse paddocks, the first building you will see is the leadership building. This is the building where all the staff meetings are held, maintenance tools and supplies are stored at this facility and it serves as a guest house for visiting staff members.

After passing the leadership building, the next building is the "Ark". This is a gym that serves as a place for concerts, stage shows, and indoor activities when the weather does not permit outdoor activities to be completed. The building also houses the "camp store" where campers can buy gifts and souvenirs to remember their stay at camp.

 At the end of the road is the dining hall. The building has a panaromic view for the campers to enjoy as they eat their meals. The campers can look over a large sports field and have a view of the natural woodlands that surround the park area.

This is the view looking from the exercise field toward the dining hall. The dining hall is truly a magnificent structure.

The camp has an olympic sized swimming pool for the campers to enjoy.

Several outdoor worship and devotion sites area located on the campus. Worship is an important part of the camping experience.

The camp also has a family camping area that is equipped with electric and water hook ups. A dump station is available on site.

Often people ask me how doing the maintenance work and improvements on a camp can be considered mission work. Here is the answer, the camp provides young people with the opportunity to become closer to God and in some cases the camp experience may be their introduction to religious activities and this may just lead to a life long christian experience.

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