Friday, May 31, 2013

Project Finished

Pine Creek Camp is now ready for the campers to arrive. Soon the forest and the areas around the camp will be filled with the sounds of the younger generation enjoying some time away from their parents and living life to it's fullest. Certainly they will learn about Christ and what he means to many people. NOMADS should feel good about their part in preparing the camp for the campers.

The three weeks of work included mowing, cleaning, repairing, landscaping, but there were also some moments when NOMADS had some fun and enjoyed the fellowship of others.

 When we arrived the bathhouses needed repair. The water pipes leaked, drains were plugged, the walls needed cleaning and refinishing. Just getting them functional and ready for use was a major challenge for the team, but at the end they were ready for use.

 The cabins were all cleaned and checked. Getting them ready included not only cleaning, but checking to insure the smoke alarms worked, the fire extinguishers were charged and ready for use in case of an emergency. Each cabin was checked to insure it had the proper supplies so the campers could keep their area clean during their stay.

Invitations were sent out and reminders were sent to previous campers to make them aware that camping season was coming and they would be welcome to be a part of the Pine Creek experience again!

 Flower beds were planted. The grass was cut to dress the camp grounds up before the campers arrived.

The grounds keeping equipment was serviced and prepared for use. The lawn mower will be used many hours this summer. Much of the lawn mowing will be done by volunteers from the local Pine Village Methodist church.

Each day we reviewed the progress on each project and new items were added to the list. Planning and communications among time members is the key to a successful project.

As NOMADS we always have some fun along the way. Here we see Paul enjoying a Birthday Cake! 

Tray Clayton (Camp Manager) earned our respect and appreciation for the work he does with this camp. He is a "one man show" most of the year so he finds himself multitasking!

Attending Worship service is always important to all the team members, but Linda and I find it interesting to attend churches. The churches we attend often leave a lasting impression on us and we find ourselves discussing them long after we have left a project. Pine Village Methodist Church is one that will leave us with many good memories. It is a vibrant church in a small sleeping village!

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