Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another Day at Camp!

The work has started with the priority on getting the camp ready for the campers. That translates to a lot of clean up and preparation. I spent the first two days on a tractor grading the roads and paths to the various living centers. Others have been working on plumbing, flower beds, getting the pool ready and other activities.

The entrance flower bed needed weeding and some plant selection, so when visitors arrive they will have a very positive impression of the camp. After the plants were weeded and the selction was made landscape gravel was added to the area to enhance the beauty of the welcome sign. 

The evening was spent socializing around an open fire. Yes one of my assignments yesterday was to clean out the fire pits on the camp, all 18 of them!

The first evening after work we had a social gathering around one of the fire pits and did some cooking  and socializing. 

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