Friday, June 10, 2016

First Week Completed

Each morning as a group we meet for a period of devotion and planning for the day's activities. Each team member will conduct one of the devotional times. To me spiritual growth is an important part of our work and it gives me the strength to carry on.

The playground equipment was stained and repaired this week. It not only looks much better but will give youngsters a great place to play this summer. A little paint and some elbow work will make such an improvement in the appearance of the campground.

All of the water connections have now been marked with bright blue posts and the leaks have been repaired. This is just another part of making the campground not only more attractive, but also more inviting.

Many of the picnic tables throughout the camp need to have boards replaced and in some cases completely rebuilt. The lumber arrived this week and now the boards are being stained before the tables are assembled. The staining and varnishing process will take several steps.

One of the projects has been to build two cabinets for the dining hall. The cabinets are to be used for storage and are designed to open and close as needed . Basically they are base cabinets on casters. The only part of finishing the cabinets now is to put the trim work on and stain or paint them. I have one more set to build next week. The greatest challenge was to build the cabinets without a plan:

We finished the week with dinner together. Fellowship is also a great part of the NOMADS experience. We did invite John and Nancy to join us for dinner. John and Nancy are campground hosts and they have gone out of their way to accommodate our needs.

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