Monday, April 14, 2014

Tool of the Trip

This a new section we are adding to our blog. Usually when tools are mentioned, you think of men and their tools, but Linda has been coming up with the tools to add to our list. At the end of last trip she indicated she needed a power screwdriver, and I did get her one. This time she came up with another tool she fell in love with, but I will let her tell the story.
Hi its me,Linda
We will call this part of the blog:  Tool of the Travel

One of my jobs was to do a lot of weeding around the flower beds.  The weeds were fierce and stubborn.  I found this tool (see picture below).  I grabbed the handle and suddenly I felt like the weed police.  I raked at those weeks and I chopped at the roots.  With each breath I took I said, "I hate weeds, I hate weeds."  Ok that does sound a little dramatic.  But I got say this tool is the best I've ever used to completely decimate those little devils.  I now know I will soon be using it on the weeds in my own garden. My next project will be-how to use a weed eater.

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