Sunday, April 6, 2014

First Week Completed

The first week of the project is over and several tasks were completed by the team, but there is more work to be done. The week was plagued with rain and thunder storms so that limited some of the accomplishments of the team. After our orientation and meeting with the staff on Monday, the work began.

The first project of the week was to clean the outdoor chapel area and to make new signs for the path to the chapel. The entire team worked on cutting branches from the pathway, removing branches and twigs that had fallen during the winter. 

A wooden fence was erected between the RV parking area and the fuel tanks. The task was a fairly simple task.

The wooden deck at the administration building was power washed to remove the mold dirt so it  could be stained, however the rains prevented it from being stained. Oh well, this is Louisiana so frequent rains and weather changes are common in the area this time of the year.
The OWL Center has many trails, so one of the projects was to clear the trails so they would be usable for the groups that will be arriving soon. Leaf blowers, chainsaws, and pruning hooks were the tools of the day for the team that did the clearing.

The week was not all work, there was some  play in the week. Group photos were taken at different locations, one was with the group standing on the balance log that is used in the confidence course.

The hedges and landscaping plants at the administration building were in bad need of trimming, so the team trimmed the plants to dress up the building.

Trimming around the Conference center was another task that was completed by the team. After all it is springtime in Louisiana and that means spring cleaning is in order.

A fence dividing one of the horse pastures was completed by the team.

The shelter in the goat pen was enlarged so the young goats would have adequate shelter during the rainstorms that are common this time of the year.

Several tasks were carried out in the greenhouse. That included repotting plants, planting some blackberry bushes, trimming ferns, cleaning pots and a general clean up of the facility.

Flower beds and raised garden boxes were weeded and prepared for planting.

The weekend brought more rain and the threat of more thunderstorms for the week ahead. It will be interesting to see what we will be doing next week.

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