Monday, April 14, 2014

Second Week at Dubach

Even though the rain was heavy and the threat of storms existed, the spirits of the team was high. As usual we started our week off by attending church services as a team. The team elected to worship at the Salem United Methodist Church this week.

The church was smaller than the one that we attended the week before,but the congregation welcomed us with open arms, When we arrived, we were all concerned because there was no one at the church. It was raining and many of the roads were flooded, so we did not know if service had been cancelled, but just before serve everyone arrived!  Following the service we all went to Papa Joes in Dubach for lunch. 

When the work week started, many different task were undertaken. The wet and soggy ground conditions required some changes in the work schedule, but at the end we did accomplish a considerable amount of work. 

A pasture fence was repaired and installed. This was to divide the pasture into smaller areas for the horses. 

Several landscaping chores were completed. Trimming was one of the tasks that was completed. 

 Plants in the greenhouse were trimmed and repotted. 

Some of the plants were prepared for sale. The main plant being grown in the greenhouses at this time were ferns. 
The raised gardens were weeded and prepared for planting. Flower beds were also prepared for planting. 

A shelter for the goat flock was extended to provide them with more protection from the rain and elements. 

Equipment additions were made to the goat area. This is a swinging bridge that was made to provide the goats with some recreation. 

One evening we had a potluck dinner. Everyone brought something, Linda and I being true Wisconsinites brought brats and cheese!

Other tasks completed during the week included tree removal from some of the areas, putting mulch on the paths, erecting signs for the paths, and steps to prepare for the wedding that was to be held at the outdoor chapel soon. 

As a team we also attended "family night" at the Antioch Church.  

Linda and I had the opportunity to visit with some old friends. We had a lovely evening with the Philpots and provided them with a tour of the center. 

At the end of the work week Linda and I had to pack up and start our trip home. Jake, Linda's oldest grandson is scheduled for open heart surgery so we felt the need to be home with him.  Just before we left, we had a dinner with the staff and we loaded 3 cases of salsa in the truck and prepared to leave. Our experience at OWL was great and perhaps some children will benefit from our work. 

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