Saturday, December 28, 2013

Getting Ready !

The weather has been cold and snowy in Wisconsin, so we are ready to head south. Today, in Wisconsin, the temperatures moderated and this gave us the opportunity to get packed. Our orignial plan was to leave on January 1, 2014, but the weather forecast did not look so good, so we made the decision to leave early. We will depart on Monday and start out trip south.

The I-24 bridge that crosses the Ohio River is under reconstruction and there are very long delays and very narrow traffic lanes, so we have decided to travel to Bloomington, Il; then to Indianapolis, IN; and on through Louisville, Ky. We should make Louisville by the end of the first day. The second day will take us through Nashville to Chattanooga where we will stay New Years Eve. On New Years Day we do plan on visiting some old friends of Linda and then travel on to Rockledge on January 2. We will be working with the United Methodist Church there on some projects for home bound members of the church. We will keep  posting as we make our trip south.

We pray for a safe trip and a successful project.

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