Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our First Weekend

Our first night and day on the project site was quite different than anything else we had experienced. The weather in the afternoon was beautiful but as evening set in, the television started broadcasting weather alerts, high winds and torrential rain was in the forecast. The wind gusts were strong enough that we did feel the trailer shake several times, but we did escape hail and tornadoes. The rain was very heavy throught the night and the next morning I was surprised at how much water was around the site.

We had planned a very peaceful day of doing laundry and grocery shopping, but Greta upset that plan early in the day. She had nausea all during the night and we though it might be best if we took her to a veterinarian. After doing a Google search we found a veterinarian clinic in Farmersville that was open and would see her. So we proceeded to travel to a town that was 30 miles away to get her checked out. Luckily it was nothing serious and with a couple of shots and some special food she recovered completely. We did manage to get some grocery shopping done, but he laundry had to wait. With all the rain, I was not able to do much outside until the ground dried a little more. Hopefully by Monday I can finsih setting up the trailer.

Saturday afternoon we traveled west to the town of Homer where we had a very nice visit with Nelson and Doris Philpot. I have been friends of the family for many years and it was great to catch up and have some interesting discussions. The four of us had a wonderful dinner at Port a Prince. The dinner consisted of catfish, fried potatoes, coleslaw, hushpuppies, and pickles. Following the dinner we enjoyed Boston Cream Pie at the Philpot home before we started back to the camp site.

At the end of the day we were worn out and the bed looked very good?

Our campsite is on the grounds of the Center. We all the amenities we need for a comfortable stay. The only distractions is the noise of the pumps on the gas wells int he area and the motors at the drilling rig. 

On Sunday morning we attended church at the Antioch Methodist Church near the campsite. It is always interesting to visit the different churches as we travel with NOMADS.  Following the service we had lunch together in the nearby town of Ruston. 

The pavilion is near where we are camped so we meet for devotionals and meetings. We also enjoy our breaks there. The facility has a kitchen, meeting area, and is near the sports field. 

The group met to become acquainted and to get their assignments on Sunday afternoon. A team picture will be taken later. The team members are from Alabama, Louisiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. We are all looking forward to a productive time at OWL. 

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