Monday, March 24, 2014

Off for Another Adventure!

Today Linda and I are preparing to leave on another venture. Our NOMADS adventure this time will take us to Dubach, Louisiana where we will be working at the Outdoor Wilderness Center of the United Methodist Children's Home. We do not have job assignments yet, but are certainly looking forward to the opportunity to serve others and use some of skills to make life better for others.

The trip will take us south through Illinois, crossing to the west of the Mississippi at Cario, Illinois, then traveling through the bootheel of Missouri, into Arkansas and on to Louisiana.  Dubach is located north east of Shreveport. We are hoping for some warm sunny days so we can thaw out from the cold Wisconsin winter.

As we travel south, we do plan on spending a day with my parents in Metropolis before venturing on south. Our goal is to be in Louisiana by Friday morning.

I will continue to blog as we travel and as are working at the site.

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